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New Team, Same great seafood

You may have noticed a fresh new look, great new local products and some unfamiliar faces around Samies lately. That’s because we’re a new team of Seafood lovers, who’ve banded together to make Samies the greatest Fresh Seafood destination in Brisbane.

For us, Samie’s Seafood is way more than just a seafood and fish & chip shop. It’s a slice of Brissy life, a hub for families and mates, and a platform to share our crazy love for top-tier seafood. We’re here to keep up the Samie’s Seafood vibe you know and love, with a bit of our own twist on the side.

We’ve got big dreams for Samie’s, serving amazing seafood with a friendly grin and a tale or two. Whether you’re a Samie’s regular or a newbie, we can’t wait to catch up with you here!

The Samies Family

We’re the fresh faces behind your all-time fave, Samie’s Seafood, the best place fish & chip and seafood shop combo in Brisbane – no debate about it!

Who are we, you ask? Just a trio of seafood fanatics – that’s Paul, Steve, and Cameron here. Different paths led us to this shared adventure for the tastiest, highest-quality seafood around.

Paul and Steve are veterans– who served together as submariners in the Australian Navy. Their time underwater gave them huge respect for all things marine and a fierce passion for creating unforgettable seafood experiences.

But they’re not just about military precision. Paul’s one of those guys who’s made the rounds in retail and hospitality too. He totally gets how important top-notch customer service is. He’s got this way about him that makes you feel all warm inside and guarantees cracking good food every time.

Steve’s not all Navy and no play either. He’s been in the trenches of the service industry with Cameron, where they honed their people-skills like pros. These two are serious about giving you impeccable service, and they’re bringing that attitude to the table at Samie’s.

Cheers to charting new horizons and diving deep into this seafood adventure with us. You’re officially part of the crew now. Welcome aboard!

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